New “Dead Enders” novel delivered

I just turned in The Prison in Antares, the second “Dead Enders” novel, to Pyr. It should be out in December. I’ll run a scan of the cover as soon as it’s painted.

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“Captain Nebula” to Italy

Just sold Italian rights to “The Incarceration of Captain Nebula” to Italy’s Edizioni della Vigna.

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Short Story Sale

Just sold a short story, “Incident on Maple Street”, to the upcoming anthology Beardless Warriors.

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Another Hugo nomination!!!

Just found out that I’m a 2015 Hugo nominee for Best Editor – Short Form. This marks my 37th Hugo nomination since 1989, and I am overwhelmed by the love and support I have received from this field. Thank you, one and all!

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The Outpost, which is not the bestselling or the most-awarded of my science fiction novels, but is my favorite of them (which is to say, I had more fun writing it than any other) has just been re-sold to Wordfire Press after being out of print for a few years.

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Some of you may not be aware of it, but I am just the first generation of award-winning science fiction writers in our family. My Campbell-winning daughter, Laura, will be Guest of Honor at Millennicon (March 20-22), a convention where I held that same honor back in 1997. I’ll be there too, doing a reading, an autographing, and sitting on some panels, including one with her. Hope to see some of you there.

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Just re-sold 5 stories to Italy

Just re-sold 5 stories — “Kirinyaga” (for the 31st time), “Redchapel”, “All the Things You Are”, “A Little Knowledge”, and “Bad News From the Vatican”, to Italian publisher Delos Digital, for its new line to be known as Bus Stop E-books.

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The Resnick/Malzberg Dialogues #20: Conventions

NOTE: this article first appeared in the pages of SFWA Bulletin 160, Winter, 2003.

MIKE: There’s some debate about whether the first convention was the 1939 Worldcon, or whether it occurred a year earlier when Don Wollheim, Cyril Kornbluth and a few other New York fans took a train to Philadelphia to meet a handful of Philly fans. (The total number of fans that got together came to 12, but if you read the fannish history books, most of them insist that it was a convention, and pre-dates the Worldcon.)

Worldcon wasn’t exceptionally prepossessing at the outset. NYCon I drew 200 attendees in 1939. You have to move ahead all the way to Portland in 1950 to find a larger attendance, and it fell below 200 again in 1951, which is a roundabout way of suggesting that not a lot business got done at the early conventions for the simple reason that hardly anyone showed up at them.
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Another Lucifer Jones story sold

Spent my birthday (March 5) writing a new 6,000-word Lucifer Jones story (his 53rd!), which will appear toward the end of the year in the anthology UFO-4. This one’s set in Borneo, and is titled “Keeping Ahead”.

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“The Olympians” re-sold

My short story, “The Olympians”, which last appeared in 1984, has been re-sold to Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s anthology, Galactic Games.

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