Cover to Mike Resnick’s Worldcons

Mike Resnick's Worldcons coverHere’s the cover to Mike Resnick’s Worldcons, which will come out, appropriately enough, at the forthcoming Worldcon in London. Though it’s from an Italian publisher, it will be in English, in a limited numbered edition.

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The Resnick/Malzberg Dialogues #17: The State of the Field

NOTE: this article first appeared in the pages of SFWA Bulletin 157, Spring, 2003.

MIKE: I’ve heard some mighty dire predictions about the future of science fiction. There are those who say it’s moribund, and others who say that’s an optimistic appraisal. Publishers are cutting back, advances are in the toilet, sales have never been worse—you know the litany.

I think it certainly deserves some consideration. I don’t think it’s ever been harder to break in, and sales are down, and there are probably less of us making a living from the literature than there were 3 years ago.

But, being a contrarian, I think the reports of science fiction’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Let’s take a serious look at the situation:
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New book to debut at Worldcon

What’s Worldcon without a new book? Just sold Mike Resnick’s Worldcons, a 100,000-worder, to Luigi Petruzelli’s Edizioni Della Vigna, where it will be published in *English* in time for LonCon, the 2014 Worldcon to be held in London. It contains a bunch of my Worldcon diaries and reminiscences that appeared over the years in Challenger and Mimosa, transcriptions of my Toastmaster (1988) and Guest of Honor (2012) speeches, some articles I did for various program books and progress reports, and a couple of new pieces. Maybe even some photos if he can fit them in. I’ve been enjoying these things for over half a century; it was high time I did something permanent about it.

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Links to story and interview

Here are links to my Hugo-nominated story, “Winter Solstice”, in the current issue of Fantasy Scroll magazine, and to an interview they did with me in the same issue.

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LRH Intro

Just sold an intro to The Kilkenny Cats, a collection by L. Ron Hubbard, to be published by Galaxy Press.

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Fabulous new book bundle

This link will take you right to the site:

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Interview in 2 languages

Here’s an interview I just did with an Italian webzine:

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New Russian sale

I just sold the second in my Weird Western series, The Doctor and the Kid, to AST, my regular Russian publisher.

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Back from eye surgery

OK, eye surgery’s over, and I seem to have
survived it. Still can’t see too well, thanks
to these wildly-expensive eyedrops I’ve got to take every couple of hours (I’m writing this at a 400% zoom). I’ll probably be offline for a couple of days, until my vsion clears the rest f the way, but I just wanted to check
in the let you know I survived (and in time to kind of watch the Belmont States :-) ).


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I just re-sold English language rights to Soothsayer, the first book in the Oracle Trilogy, to Arc Manor. Should be out later this year.

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