Another Harry the Book story sold

Just sold “The Mayoral Stakes”, a new Harry the Book story (his 12th), to UFO-5  (that’s Unidentified Funny Objects 5), edited by Alex Shvartsman.



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New Lucifer Jones story sold

I don’t know if this quite counts as a sale, since I bought it from myself, but I just sold the 54th Lucifer Jones story, titled “Pure Beauty and the Beast”, to Galaxy’s Edge Magazine. One more very short one and the 5th Lucifer book is done. The first four are Adventures, Exploits, Encounters, and Hazards, and this one will be Voyages.

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Collaboration with Jean-Claude Dunyach sold to France

My pal Jean-Claude Dunyach and I just sold a collaboration,
“Queen’s Robot Sacrifice”, to the French anthology Fees et Automates, to be published in May by Editions Mnemos.


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Third Dead Enders book sold

I just signed a contract with Pyr books for the third Dead Enders book, to be titled The Castle in Cassiopeia. Assuming I meet my deadline, this will be the 13th year in a row that I’ve had a December book from Pyr.

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Another sale

Just sold another new story — “” — to SQ, an Australian magazine.

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Another Award

2015 Jovian AwardHere’s a photo of the just-received Jovian Award for Best Editor –Short Form, 2015. It’s really quite lovely, and I accept it on behalf of all the writers whose work actually won it.

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KIRINYAGA is out in audio

Just received my copies of the audio to KirinyagaKirinyaga audio (11 CDs or 1 MP3), read by my spiritual kid sister, Janis Ian, who knocked off Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama for a Grammy with the last book she read. Published (produced?) by Brilliance Audio.

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Another foreign sale

Just sold Italian rights to Starship: Flagship to Mondedori, so they now have bought the entire 5-book Starship series.

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My Windycon Schedule

Carol and I will be attending Windycon this weekend, in Lombard, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Here’s the schedule I’ve been assigned:

Friday 5:00 — Crossing the Genres:
There are numerous examples of cross-genre fiction, but how can horror and humor both be combined into a single story and still maintain their impact?
 M. Black, C. Moore, M. Resnick, D.Sjolander (M)

Saturday Noon — Autographing:
P.Booth, F. Crook, R. Frencl, M. Resnick

Saturday 2:00 — Pulpy Goodness:
Reminisce about those thrilling days of yesteryear when tales by A.
Merritt, Robert, E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and so many more filled
the pages of the magazines. But those days aren’t entirely gone. Pulp
adventures are still be published and enjoyed by readers of all stripes.
M. Black, E. Flint, B. Garcia, J. O’Neill, M.Resnick (M)

Saturday 3:00 – Let’s You and Him Talk:
Lilac D:
Too much of this past year seems to be spent trying to start battles and wasting time between fans and authors. Come and hear two authors with very different points of view talk about the things that bring them together, and not just bring them together, but allow them to collaborate.
E. Flint, M. Resnick.

Saturday 5:00-5:25 — Reading:
M. Resnick (I’ll be reading the new Harry the Book story)

If you’re attending, do come up and say Hello.

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New story sale

Just sold “Full-Time Employment” to The Grimm Future, edited by Erin Underwood. The conceit was that each writer had to take a Grimm’s Fairy Tale and science-fictionalize or change it. I chose #177, and did a little of both.

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