Another award

Lezli Robyn and I just won our 2nd Ictineu Award (for Best Story Translated Into Catalan) for “Benchwarmer”, a collaborative short story that originally appeared in The 50th Anniversary Twilight Zone Anthology. (Our first was for our collaborative novelette “Soulmates” back in 2011.)

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Audio sale

Just sold audio rights to my December release, The Fortress in Orion, first of my “Dead Enders” trilogy, to

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Gaming Sale

I just sold gaming rights to the four Weird Western/Doc Holliday
novels — The Buntline Special, The Doctor and the Kid, The
Doctor and the Rough Rider
and The Doctor and the
to Bushi-Go, Inc. I would imagine the game will be
out in something less than 18 months.

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4 more sales

Just re-sold Santiago, Stalking the Unicorn, Stalking the Vampire, and Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge, to

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The Resnick/Malzberg Dialogues #19: Workshops

NOTE: this article first appeared in the pages of SFWA Bulletin 159, Fall, 2003.

MIKE: Workshopping has almost become a cottage industry these days. There’s Clarion, of course. There’s Writers of the Future. I know Del Rey has an online workshop, and I assume other publishers do too. Worldcon almost always has a workshop. At least a dozen other conventions, some major, some incredibly minor have workshops. CompuServe has a workshop. Someone told me recently that there are more than a thousand professional and amateur writers’ workshops online.

I’ve got mixed emotions about workshops. Some work, some don’t. Some constitute a reasonable investment of a writer’s most precious capital—Time—and some constitute a total waste of it.

I’ve taught some workshops, I’ve led some workshops, I’ve observed some workshops, and I’ve participated in some workshops as a writer. I think I’ve got an idea of what separates the good ones from the bad ones, but since it’s a pretty subjective idea, I think I’d like to see your initial response to the notion and utility of workshops first.
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New collection is out

My latest collection, AWAY GAMES, consisting of 17 science fiction sport stories, is now available from Wordfire Press or any of the usual sources. Intro by Ken Liu.Away Ganes cover

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Another award nomination

Just found out that “Benchwarmer”, a collaboration between myself and Lezli Robyn, has been nominated for Catalan’s Ictineau Award as Best Translated Story (an award we also won back in 2011 with our “Soulmates”).

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Another sale

Just re-sold “The Boy Who Cried ‘Dragon!'” to Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s anthology, Choices.

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Just re-sold Soothsayer, the first of the Penelope Bailey books, to Arc Manor.

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Interview on No-Heavy-Lifting Sales

Here’s the link to an interview I just did on what I call “No-Heavy-Lifting Sales” (by which I mean reprints, foreign sales, audio sales, etc.). I think newcomers and hopeful writers may find it very useful:

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