Just won another Galaxy Award

Just won my second Galaxy Award (China’s equivalent of the Hugo) in two years, this one for being the Most Popular Foreign Author. Here’s a photo of the ceremony.

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New book

Announcing another new book, my 6th this year (which ain’t bad for an Old Guy). This one is an anthology, AVATAR DREAMS, which I co-edited with Kevin J. Anderson and Harry Kloor. Due out any minute from Wordfire Press.

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2 more sales

Just sold the novella, “Guardian Angel”, to China’s SFW magazine — and also sold “Catastrophe Baker and a Canticle for Leibowitz” to the resurrected Pulphouse Magazine, which will feature a story by me in every issue.

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New Spanish book

Here’s the cover to Alternate Operating Systems, a chapbook that CatCon, a convention in Barcelona where I’ll be the Guest of Honor in later November, has published and will make available at that time. It includes a couple of collaborations I did with Lezli Robyn that won Ictineu Awards as the best stories translated into Catalan in their respective years.

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5th New Book of 2017

Here’s the cover to my latest, which comes out in the next few days from Wordfire Press. Q & A FOR SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS, a companion piece to last year’s THE SCIENCE FICTION PROFESSIONAL.

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New novel available for pre-order

Stellar Guild, the line of books I edit, which features collaborations between an established star and one or more newcomers of the star’s own choosing, had its 10th book available for pre-order: it’s When Parallel Lines Meet, by myself, and relative newcomers Lezli Robyn and Larry Hodges, now available through Amazon or Arc Manor. (Previous books in the series feature Robert Silverberg, Larry Niven, Mercedes Lackey, Kevin J. Anderson, Nancy Kress, Eric Flint, Jody Lynn Nye, Harry Turtledove, and myself, with our protegees. The book will cost $6.99 when it is officially published in October, but until then you can order it for $2.99 through Amazon.

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Trilogy re-sold to Italy

I just re-sold my “Infernal Comedy” trilogy consisting of Paradise: Chronicle of a Distant World, Purgatory: Chronicle of a Distant World, and Inferno: Chronicle of a Distant World to Mondedori, one of my regular Italian publishers.

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The final Dead Enders book is out

The Castle in Cassiopeia, the final book in the Dead Enders trilogy — the first two were The Fortress in Orion and The Prison in Antares — has just been published and is now available from Amazon, Barnes, and bookstores everywhere.

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My friend Barry Ergang has published THE VOLE EATER, a parody of my novel THE SOUL EATER. You might give it a look:


— Mike

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And here’s a new anthology

Fascinating new anthology, commissioned by XPRIZE. It's
free -- just click on the link -- and you'll find all
the stories and artwork. Contributing authors include
me, Nancy Kress, Kevin J. Anderson, Greg Benford,
Paolo Bacigalupi, Margaret Atwood, and more.


You're not only welcome to read it, but -- check the
instructions -- to contribute to it.


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