Another Lucifer Jones story sold

Spent my birthday (March 5) writing a new 6,000-word Lucifer Jones story (his 53rd!), which will appear toward the end of the year in the anthology UFO-4. This one’s set in Borneo, and is titled “Keeping Ahead”.

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“The Olympians” re-sold

My short story, “The Olympians”, which last appeared in 1984, has been re-sold to Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s anthology, Galactic Games.

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Second “Dead Enders” book sold

I just sold The Prison in Antares, the second book in the Dead Enders trilogy, to Pyr for December, 2015 release. This will make the eleventh year in a row that I’ve had a December book out from Pyr.

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New book delivered

Tina Smith (who writes as “Tina Gower”) and I have delivered our Stellar Guild “team-up” book, which is titled INCI. Stellar Guild is a line of books I edit for Arc Manor, wherein a major writer teams up with a protégé of the writer’s (not the editor’s) choice. The first seven in the series have featured Kevin J. Anderson, Mercedes Lackey, Harry Turtledove, Robert Silverberg, Nancy Kress, Eric Flint, and Larry Niven and their protégés. This will be the eighth. I’ll post a publication date as soon as I know when it will be.

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SHAKA II Sold in U.S.

Just sold Shaka II to ArcManor. It was previously published in England, but this will be its first US book publication.

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Hugo time approaches

Nominations for the Hugos close on March 10, and it’s been suggested by some readers of the web page that I mention what I have that’s eligible. As usual I’ve got a ton of stuff out there, so I’ll just limit it to what I think has a chance to make the ballot. If you were a member in 2014, or have a 2015 membership, you’re eligible to nominate:

Short story: “The Plantimal”, collaboration with Ken Liu,  from March 2014 Asimov’s

Novelette: “Bad News From the Vatican”, from The Book of Silverberg

Related Book: Mike Resnick’s Worldcons, from Edizioni della Vigna

Short Form Editor: Mike Resnick, for editing Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

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Wordfire Press just brought out a lovely edition of my novel, The Dark LadyThe Dark Lady Mike Resnick,  the 100,000-franc prrize, and the Mayor of Paris. It did pretty well here 25 years ago, and 15 years ago it became the only American novel ever to win the Prix Tour Eiffel (that’s a photo of me, a facsimile of the 100,000-franc check that went to the winner, and the Mayor of Paris). Anyway, the book’s available from the usual places, in trade paper and e-book

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I just sold Italian rights to The Return of Santiago to Edizioni della Vigna, the company that picked up the Italian rights to Santiago (and published — in English — Mike Resnick’s Worldcons) a few months ago.

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The Best of Galaxy's EdgeThe Best of Galaxy’s Edge,  which consists of the best stories from the first two years of Galaxy’s Edge, the magazine I edit, is now available in e-book or trade paperback from publisher Arc Manor or any of the usual sources for new books.

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STARSHIP series audio rights re-sold

I just re-sold audio rights to the Starship series — Starship: Mutiny, Starship: Pirate, Starship: Mercenary, Starship: Rebel, and Starship: Flagship to

Hope you like ’em. tells me — well, their royalty statements tell me — that they were pretty popular the first time around.

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