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Welcome to Mike’s direct-to-customer electronic book shop! Below is a selection of some of Mike’s best, most popular work, formatted for your e-reader device — especially the popular Kindle and Nook platforms. Purchases are handled through PayPal, via PayPal account or standard credit and debit card. Once you purchase a book, you will get an e-receipt for your purchase and an e-mail containing your secure one-time link, for downloading your requested item(s) from the shop. If you have any questions or problems, please use the contact form. Thank you for your business! Enjoy the books!

The Santiago Duology

The Widowmaker Series

Birthright: The Book of Man

Tales of the Galactic Midway

Tales of the Velvet Comet

Mike Resnick – The Hugo Stories
Award-winning and award-nominated short fiction


The Galactic Comedy Trilogy

The Artists Encounter series

Stand-alone Novels


10 Responses to Mike’s E-Book Shop

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  2. mike says:

    I have no idea. I know I can read both types on my PC, but, computer semi-literate that I am, I have no idea what a Microsoft reader is.

    — Mike

  3. Deb Myrick says:

    Try Calibre to convert epub to .lit for Microsoft Reader.

  4. Jim Manning says:

    There seem to be 4 or 5 major formats of e-books around at the moment. I have selected MobiPcket because it offers ergonomic options not yet available in the more recently offered readers. (Mobi format is often labeled as Kindle format but i am never sure without it saying Kindle/mobipocket) reader format as my preferred format. Microsoft Reader Format is one of the less popular formats that is still around. Microsoft gives their reader to any who wish to use that format. Amazon.com gives a reader compatable with their format as well. and similar with Sony and Barns & Nobel. Most of these has distinct features which others formats lack.
    Microsoft reader format by reputation (I have not tested it myself) is supposed to be more secure than any other format. It seems to have become less common of late.
    Mobipocket reader allows features such as index, calculation and conversion functions for math, science and engineering types such as myself. and complete freedom to choose background and foregrouind colors for your personalized display.
    Nook Format is the same thing as e-pub by Adobe. its quite common and seems to be preferred by the IPAD. the B/W Nook requires this format as well.

    • Apiphobe says:

      (Mobi format is often labeled as Kindle format but i am never sure without it saying Kindle/mobipocket)

      For what it’s worth (anecdotal evidence is the best!), I have downloaded dozens of .mobi-format books from Project Gutenberg to a Kindle, and never had a problem that was related to that fact. [A faulty scan that also showed up in the HTML version, bad OCR, etc., sure, but not “well it claims to be Kindle, BUT…”]

      I’m not sure if this will let me post links without getting flagged for spam, so let me just say that, if you’ve never been there before, gutenberg dot org should become your newest best friend.

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  6. Douglas Vaughan says:

    Are you planning to issue as ebook (kindle or epub) Mike’s first two novels?

    The Goddess of Ganymede
    Pursuit on Ganymede


  7. Korta says:

    Is there going to be any way to get the two Whatdunit books as ebooks? They’re two of my favourites. : )

    • Mike says:

      I enjoyed editing the Whatdunit books, but I do not control the rights on them. Those rights belong either to Tekno Books (the late Marty Greenberg’s company) or DAW Books, and it would be up to whichever of them currently controls the rights to arrange e-book publication.

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