Cover for The Doctor and the Kid

The Doctor and the Kid

Here’s the cover to THE DOCTOR AND THE KID, a sequel to THE BUNTLINE SPECIAL, which will come out from Pyr this December. The cover art is by Seamus Gallagher, who also did 6 wonderful b&w interiors, same as for the first book.

Click on the cover to see it full size.


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  1. Dave Post says:

    Gorgeous cover! I’ve got Buntline on my reading pile and it’s got some great artwork too. Can’t wait to get to it.

    • mike says:

      The cover’s the work of Seamus Gallagher, who’s new to the field. He was “discovered”, I believe doing art for video games, by Lou Anders, my editor at Pyr (and the best art director in the field). I’ve been very pleased not only with his covers but his interior black-and-whites; both The Buntline Special and The Doctor and the Kid have six apiece.

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