Catastrophe Baker Swashbuckles Again

True to its name, Ray Gun Revival is reviving the 8 Catastrophe Baker stories, after which I’ll probably be writing some new ones for them. Here’s the first of them:

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2 Responses to Catastrophe Baker Swashbuckles Again

  1. M Z says:

    Is there a collection of the Catastrophe Baker stories for sale anywhere??

    • Mike says:

      M Z> Not yet. I think I’m about 20,000 words short, maybe a little more, for a collection. Whereas one or two more Harry the Book stories — there are 12 to date — and there -will- be a collection of them. And Lucifer Jones is 7 stories into his 5th book, VOYAGES, which I would think will come out in 2014. (The first four are ADVENTURES, EXPLOITS, ENCOUNTERS and HAZARDS.)

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