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Super Sale! Here you go: e-books by Heinlein, Herbert, Lackey & Norton, Anderson, Kress, Sawyer, Haldeman, and me, for a price of your own choosing. Give it a look!

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Another STARSHIP book to Italy

I just sold Italian rights to Starship: Rebel to Mondadori, the Italian publisher that has already purchased Italian rights to Strship: Mutiny, Starship: Pirate, and Starship: Mercenary. Mondadori has been publishing me in Italy since the early 1980s, and I’ve … Continue reading

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The Resnick/Malzberg Dialogues #10: Influences (good)

NOTE: this article first appeared in the pages of SFWA Bulletin 150, Summer, 2001. MIKE: Literary influences are a tricky thing to detect; Sam Moskowitz proved that by being wrong so many times about so many writers. But perhaps they’re … Continue reading

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Nice review

From Kirkus Reviews on my forthcoming (in December) novel, The Doctor and the Dinosaurs: ‚ÄúResnick paints in the scenery with extraordinarily vivid brush strokes, adds a palette of bigger-than-life-sized characters, and tops it all off with dazzling conversations, rhetorical flourishes, … Continue reading

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